Support for Moms

Be the Mom you always intended to be

Does your anxiety and fear get the best of you?

Are you at the point of being overwhelmed and exhausted?

Has your belief that you're not a ‘good Mom‘ left you feeling bad about yourself? 


Let me show you how to step into your power and take the reins in your own life.

Moms need support too.

Happy moms = happy kids.

Motherhood may not be very easy for you at the moment but it can get so much better. 

It can even be an amazing experience!  Stop taking a back seat in your own life and find the support you need to become a more effective and joyful mom. 


Show up for yourself, unplug from the noise and look deep inside yourself at all the strength you already possess.  There is beauty in being perfectly imperfect, so embrace it! 


As you think critically and find your own groove you will be able to identify the solutions that will work best for you.  Connect with yourself and heal those tender parts so your children have the space to soar. 

Give your children the best gift possible, a mom who is happy and filled with joy.

Shout with joy instead of shouting at your kids!


How to live your best life

Learn how to take the small steps necessary to make big and lasting changes in your life through daily practice and applying new ways of thinking.

If you are tired of the constant anxiety, fear, worry, stress, self-comparison, losing your cool, the struggle of decision making, and negative self-talk then reach out today and take your first step toward a better tomorrow! 

What to expect when working with me:

  • Be in a safe space where you can feel comfortable and supported.

  • Learn how to navigate your life in a way that feels easier.

  • Create your own parenting toolbox filled with resources to use in your daily life.

  • Use various techniques to help you to reduce your fears and worries.

  • Release and move past the guilt and limiting beliefs.

  • Identify and work through the hurdles that keep tripping you up.

  • Gain confidence in your ability to make decisions that feel right for you and your family.

  • Shift your mindset to a place of gratitude and turn on the happy.

  • Be present in your daily life, so you are able to enjoy all that you have.


 I look forward to helping you to reach your full potential.  


About me

I’m Dana Kizner, Psy.D., a NYS Licensed Psychologist and Certified NLP Coach.  Prior to working in my current private practice, I was fortunate enough to work for over ten years as a psychologist within the school setting.  This opportunity allowed me to work closely with parents, children, staff and outside agencies.

Having my own children was a real eye-opener.  It allowed me to put into practice all that I had learned and to see firsthand what works.  I realized how important it is to be flexible and creative when parenting.  

It encouraged me to share all that I have learned both professionally and personally, and further strengthened my belief that when you take the time to focus on your own well-being you can form an even deeper and more productive relationship with your children. 

Make your self-care a priority and see what amazing shifts can occur when you are in a great space and equipped with the necessary skills to step into your own power.  It is possible to refocus your perspective and redefine what truly matters.  



Supporting Moms On Their Journey

All sessions are held online.

Call to schedule a free 15-minute consult.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Reconnect With Yourself

I offer both therapy and coaching sessions to best fit your needs. 


One-to-one therapy sessions allow you to get at the root of the fears and anxieties that you may be dealing with. Once we shine a light on the source of these you are more freely able to move forward.  This allows you to break the cycle and step into a new way of being. 


One-to-one coaching sessions focus on determining what changes you would like to see in your life and introducing techniques to best get you there.


Regardless of the approach, the goal is always to equip you with the necessary skills and tools so you can leave our sessions and put into practice what you have learned.

Group Therapy Sessions

Join Other Moms

Know that you are not alone in this! Be part of a community that offers extra support and the knowledge that there are many others who feel just as you do. Working within the group allows clients to work off the successes of one another and be with like-minded individuals who also want to grow and be their best selves. 


"Dana Kizner has always been an incredibly supportive and trustworthy advisor. I reach out to her for advice both personally and professionally and really trust her recommendations. There has never been a problem too big or small that she couldn’t help me navigate, through her calming demeanor and incredibly sound advice. She’s helped me through some of life’s biggest challenges and I always seek her advice when I need support. She’s helped me find balance in work and motherhood and taught me how to work through very stressful and difficult situations.  Her incredible knack for understanding people and situations makes her someone I trust, respect and seek guidance from."

S. B., Mom

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All sessions are held online. Call or email to schedule a free 15-minute consult.